Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Detail of texture [sideways--- oops!]:

Here we have a new set of drawings, a painting, and a couple photos that my little brother took of me while I was working on one of my drawings =]

First off, Let's talk about the drawings. In my drawing class, we had to come up with a theme--- which is a little difficult to make interesting in still life drawing, especially when one of those drawings has to be done in-class. So, I worked with what I had. I decided to draw the sink in class, and the toilet at home, to take a really literal approach to the idea of a catharsis [damn you, Lit class! *shakes fist*]. UGH. Life drawing trying to be deep is HARD.
But the sink looks really awesome in real life. Just saying.
The painting was just for fun. I don't have much to say about it--- other than the fact that you can't really see the texture here, so I added the detail, but it's sideways. Ah, well. You get the idea.
And.... This is what I look like when I draw:

In conclusion: toilet.


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Jenna said...

I love the painting and the toilet. And not the drawing of the toilet, just the toilet itself. Don't confuse the two.