Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comoedia, Tragoedia

Oh. Wow. These did not translate well photographically at all. The detail shot is actually better than the overall shot!
Well it's about time I got something new posted!! Check 'em out, leave comments, whatever! And I promise it looks a million times better in real life xD
On a more personal note, I still have a lot of cool things going on as of late. I got my acceptance letter from CVA and they're offering me a $2,000 annual academic scholarship, which is neat. But I'm more excited to see what happens once I'm done with the merit scholarships =]
Haven't gotten my other acceptance letters yet.....
And there's other stuff that I don't wish to talk about via blog. If you wanna know... Let's have a conversation so I can brag about myself! =D YIPPEE HOORAY!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now that all that's over with........

I haven't had a lot of time to finish any visual artwork for awhile. It's kind of a bummer, but that's okay. Especially because I have so many awesome things going on right now. For example, what I'm about to write about now!
Okay. So. I've been pursuing a lot of opportunities with the film industry as of late, and today I got some super-top-secret information from a design firm I've had the wonderful opportunity of being "in the loop" with about a commercial I get to be involved in working on!! I'd go off and tell you all about it, but I was warned that it's "confidential" so I can't. But it feels kinda neat to have confidential information. Like a spy. Or a CIA agent =]
[Brief aside: This blog doesn't really feel like one of my blogs right now.... More like a "talking about my feelings" blog... Ah, well. This is important to me! =D]
ANYHOW. Back to what I was saying. I was sent the storyboard today and had the opportunity to critique it and put in an opinion with the board that's working on the commercial, and I'm really excited about the whole situation.
And on top of that, I got new info about my potential internship opportunities this spring! Which is awesome. I'm finishing up my resume right now and getting ready to send it out to video production companies.
To summarize the purpose of this blog; I'M STOKED. I have some incredible opportunities within my reach and I'm ready to grab them. This is going to be a major year in my life, and this is the season where it starts.
I know I didn't really have anything to show in this blog, but feel free to comment anyway! I think this is some pretty neato stuff =]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Weekend: Conventional Behaviour!

Images [From Top to Bottom]:
  • Image #1: Meghan Raebel as Luna.
  • Image #2: Steve Breuer and Meghan Raebel take their final bow.
  • Image #3: Kyle Groves as Ray Gunn and Jackie Rupp as Slave Girl get playful!
  • Image #4: Final bow [from left to right]--- Steve Breuer, Jackie Rupp, Alex Burt, Kyle Groves, and Meghan Raebel. [Not pictured: Ashlee Borlaug, who was home sick]
Tomorrow [Thursday, January 15th] marks the opening night of our one-act play, Conventional Behaviour by G.L. Horton!
If these images aren't enough to make you wanna come to our show, picture Ms. Jackie Rupp in a leopard-print slave costume and Kyle Groves in a skin-tight red jumpsuit. Unfortunately, I made the stupid decision of not choosing to put any images of them in those costumes in this blog ]= I guess you'll just have to come and see their costumes for yourself!! SUSPENSE. For real, though; come see our show. We worked hard on it, and it is pretty darn funny.
And don't forget the other two one-acts we'll be showing! Volpone and The Rules of Comedy will make you laugh, too; just not as much as Conventional Behaviour will ;]
Fun fact: I wasn't planning on tagging this post as "photography", but that first image of Meghan is so beautiful I just had to take credit for it as a photo =]
I'm also sending a shout-out to my co-director, Jenna Geris! WE DID IT, JENNA. WE DID IT.
Showtimes are this Thursday through Saturday, starting at 7:30 pm at the Prior Lake High School Auditorium.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Old Photos!

In a rare chance encounter with an old memory card earlier today, I discovered a bunch of pictures I took on a walk with David back in spring 2008. I uploaded them to my computer and edited a bunch--- it was kinda fun going back and seeing all these photos I took so long ago! Everything was so alive and vibrant and happy that day... It reassures me that the winter will pass and everything will feel alive again =]
Comments would be interesting... Fire away!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Working on my portfolio

I have nothing too intensely interesting to say here, nor do I have enough room to post my entire portfolio in blog form, but I would like help/opinions....
If anyone knows my work and wants to point out something that should be in my portfolio [I'm relatively done choosing everything to put in it], please leave me a comment to let me know!!
That, and if anyone wants to take a look at the digital version of what I've compiled for my portfolio and give an overall opinion, I would appreciate that, too!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day


I haven't posted anything in over a week. That's because I've been working my ass off on this multimedia piece and haven't been able to accomplish anything else because of it xD Ahahahaha.

This piece is very interpretive; it's sort of my own abstraction of something realistic. In case you can't see it in these images, each shape is a cutout from the U.S. Army and Interrogation Handbook, which is used by the army in detainment and interrogation situations, as the title would suggest. I don't really want to talk about it too much, since I'd rather have the meaning thought over on its own (as a matter of fact, I'd ALWAYS rather have it thought over on it's own!)
So that's it. Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment, if you're feeling kind/critical enough to do so!