Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Theatrical Performances and Various Whatnots

First of all, just thought I'd share a little graphic I made in my spare time. It's simple and isn't relaly applicable for anything, but it was good practice with Photoshop--- which even the most advanced designers still need to practice with--- and I think it turned out a'ight. Do you dig?

Secondly, I thought I should talk about Flowers for Algernon. As many may know, Prior Lake High School is currently performing a production of the show. And it's AWESOME. I don't have the rights to post any pictures of our cast, but I play Dr. Strauss alongside my fellow all-star cast and tech crew =] So if you haven't, you should check that out. And if you're in it, you should be proud of yourself because this show is looking good.

I'd also like to point out that Miss Jenna Geris and I will be directing a Winter One Act this year. It's called Conventional Behavior by G.L. Horton, and it's really fricken funny. It's a spoof on a Sci-Fi convention with a lot of fun characters and costumes. If you're interested, we encourage you to audition for our show or any other one act this winter! (But mostly our show! =P Haha!)

OR just come see it when performance time comes around :)

So that's the update. Leave me some comments, yo! =D


tehya said...

Yes, true dat, loved the play.
And awesome, when will the one acts be peforming? I for sure would love to make an appearance to those.

Steven said...

I wish I could be involved in the winter one acts...especially with you two, but I think that I'm going to be nearly twice as busy in the winter. Where was that poster from? I like it better than our poster, but I understand why we probably couldn't have done something like that.