Tuesday, December 2, 2008

[Revised] Cast for Conventional Behavior!

We had a few complications, and now we've shifted things around a bit, and here's the new cast list:

  • Hal-Matt Edlund
  • Luna-Meghan Raebel
  • Ray Gunn-Kyle Groves
  • Slave Girl-Jackie Rupp
  • Darth Vader-Steve Breuer
  • F.E.-Ashlee Borlaug

So, here's our new cast--- and we are equally--- if not MORE excited because now we know that this cast is OFFICIAL. No more complications!!!!

Hm. Should I say this? Meh. Why not. At worst, you'll think I'm pompous for posting this...

Tonight was our theatre banquet for the fall show. It was VERY emotional for many of us seniors, knowing that this was our last fall banquet. [frowns]

This is pretty much the only place I feel comfortable posting this statement, because my blog pretty much exists solely so that I can try to market myself and brag.

Anyway, I won the Senior Over-all Contribution award for the fall shows in general. I'm pretty darn excited about it, I must say. It's reassuring to win such an award. God, I feel like a tool for posting my winning on the internet.

So, yeah. Feel free to comment! In fact, I prefer it! =]

Thank you for reading!


Chuckles said...

Yeah, the banquet was quite sad. but, hey, guess what?! I'm Conventional's Sound Guy

Steven said...

Can't wait until we get to costumed practices! :)
Yeah, I'm not usually an emotional person, but Otto's speech at our last performance (and to a lesser degree, the banquet) really got me all worked up and sad...because I'll be missing so many great people next year
But hey, at least we have a while 'til graduation.

Katie said...

alex! don't feel like a tool! that's a great accomplishment and you deserve it!

IT'S ME IT'S ME IT'S ME said...

You work extremely hard at theater, and it's obvious that you put your entire heart into it. Never feel like you have to hide that, you turkey! You've spent most of your high school career acting and working on plays and whatnot and you deserve it. I can tell because you speak very passionately about it. And congratulations!

I think you need to paint Frasier, by the way. For no particular reason or anything, it's not like I've been thinking about him.

Alex Fritz said...

Haha Kate; I should totally paint you a picture of Frasier for your birthday. Because it would be glorious.

Alex Fritz said...

Oh, and actually, Kate; I have spent ALL my high school career working on plays. I haven't skipped any plays, I've done them all xD