Friday, November 21, 2008

"Conventional Behavior" Cast List!!!!

Yay! I can now express my excitement over the cast of "Conventional Behavior"! =D
The cast (in order of apperance)
  • Hal-Matt Edlund
  • Luna-Jackie Rupp
  • Ray Gunn-Kyle Groves
  • Slave Girl-Kia Boissiere
  • Darth Vader-Steve Breuer
  • F.E.-Ashlee Borlaug
Jenna and I are really quite happy with our choices. EVERYONE; EXPRESS YOUR EXCITEMENT ABOUT OUR CAST.


Jenna said...

people aren't expressing excitement, Alex...
*nervous laugh*



Steven said...

Yay Darth Vader!
Looks like this play is going to be a lot of fun

tehya said...

Neato. A play with Darth Vader can't go wrong.
So excited to see this!