Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All work and no play.......

.......makes Alex stressed out. I have a lot to do, but that's a'ight. At least I enjoy most of the things I have to do. And besides; I'm a determined little bugger. I can pull through. Cuz I'm really super optimistic all the time. Fo real, yo.

Above are two versions of what is essentially the same drawing. Long story. Don't ask or I swear I will pounce on you in a frenzy of rabies and fury. And no; I know what joke you're thinking of in your head, and it would NOT be sexy. Not even a little bit. Because I would be in jail forever. STOP THINKING THOUGHTS.

(^^if nothing I wrote up there makes sense, I apologize. My brain is so fried as of late.)

So.... I have nothing more to say about these drawings. Except I think it's ironic that I'm stressed out about time and I ended up drawing a buncha clocks. But really it's not all that interesting. I'm just pulling a real Charlie Gordon all the time. (OTTOOOOOOOH!! *shakes fist* *Jenna also shakes fist*)

SPEAKING OF JENNA GERIS. We're very excited about our upcoming one-act! The cast list will be posted on Friday--- and I, in my excitement, will also post here in Internetland =]

I gotta stop writing. Everything I say is incoherent.


Steven said...

Not everything. Just some.
I dunno, I think a real Charlie Gordon would be trying to do something to take your mind off of how busy you are, but it takes up even more of your time...

tehya said...

wow, i'm excited for the cast list.
and for your one act.
and for seeing yaaaa. <3

Jenna said...

OTTOOOOH!! Ruining our lives. Damn her.


Chuckles said...

ah yes, you're absolutely right alex, that would most definetly not be sexy (doesn't make me feel like it wouldn't any less sexy :D)

but anyways, i like the drawings, they be interesting :D

Katie said...

in response to your comment:
i agree that they get boring, but considering i just got their new album i'm not bored XD