Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A drawing of my late Grandfather, Roger, created for my own dad for father's day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

High School Painting Class. Woowoo!

  • Image 1: Still life of pliers. Acrylic on paper.
  • Image 2: Self-portrait. Acrylic on paper. I was making a silly face; I'm not just terrible bad at making my eyes even xD
  • Image 3: Acrylic and copper wire on paper and vellum. Two layers of paintings.
  • Image 4: Final. Inspired by Chris Natrop. Acrylic, paper, wax paper, bamboo skewers, clay, fishing line. It got bent up and broken because a certain someone (whose name I shall keep confidential, haha) leaned his car seat back on top of it and squished it and broke it. And I was sad. And now I hate this piece ]=

Also, I won three awards from the high school in this past week:

First, the "Super Senior" award for "Most Artistic".

Also, an honor for being one-act director with Ms. Jenna Geris. (We have our own plaque at the high school now!! Go see!!! Hahaha)

Finally, the Outstanding Contribution to Theatre award for the past four years.


My last day of high school ever was today! =D

Monday, June 1, 2009

Two things

Thing 1: Went and saw Tomas Saraceno's show last Wednesday at the Walker; L/ghter than A/r. See the image above. His work is incredible--- full room-sized installations dealing with sustainability. See it for yourself! I highly recommend it.
Thing 2: I just got home from a meeting with a director/director of photography at the production company Blue-60 a couple hours ago. Seriously, one of the more intelligent people I've met. We didn't do anything too important; mostly just talked and discussed having me sit in on some more film shoots of various sorts [note: this same guy directed the commercial shoot I sat in on last week].
So. Yeah. I hope you're all bored because I haven't posted anything amazing for awhile. Hahaha.