Monday, March 30, 2009


Here's a canvas piece that it's taken me FOREVER to put up.
Ingredients: Acrylic paint, found objects (paint sample cards, illustration, random electronic device), hemp, and ink drawings (on paint cards), all on canvas.
I choose to tag this under "sculpture" because working on it was a 3D job.
That's all.
Feel free to comment and say whatever you want!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tetsumi Kudo, and others...

Two current exhibitions to talk about: one I like, one I am disappointed with. I didn't include any images of the one I like because I feel that images of the work do no justice to the work itself. The work is very much a kinetic experience--- I'll explain momentarily!!
Thing One: About a week and a half ago, I went to check out CVA's current exhibition, The Perspectives in Fine Art Series, which is a collection of sculptures and photographs. I was excited to go to the show because I heard that they would be showing work by Pieter Hugo, Alec Soth, and Mike and Doug Starn--- Unfortunately, I didn't take into consideration how small CVA's gallery was, and was disappointed to see only one Hugo piece and one Soth piece--- both photos that, I feel, are not their best work. There was good work there--- but the gallery isn't large enough to be worth a drive out to St. Paul--- but if you're in the area, might as well stop in (it's free!). The show runs til April 4th.
Thing Two: Finally got out to see the Tetsumi Kudo: Garden of Metamorphosis show with my 3D class yesterday! Kudo's work--- I think--- is outstanding. He is a Japanese artist who lived and worked in the 60's and 70's, and his work reflects that. His work is a response to the bombing of Hiroshima--- and it's also VERY psychadelic. So, if you're into that kind of thing, I really recommend you get out to see the show by the March 22nd (this Sunday!) when it closes. OH: but only if you can handle looking gruesome, scary, and phallic images (lots and lots and lots of phallic images...). The show literally gave me nightmares after I saw it; but in a good way. Kudo's work is the kind of work that really lingers.
There are over 70 pieces in the show--- plus all the other cool stuff going on at the Walker right now--- so it's worth the trip. Make a day of it!
I'm planning to go back and see it again this weekend =]
That's all! Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

It's amazing how many new friends you make when you build a large sculpture.
The first image is, of course, me sitting on the sculpture, so you get a feel for the size. It's a 3x3' cube--- not including the black indent, of course. It's not "done" yet--- I'm going to put another layer or two of paint. Plus, it's in a HORRIBLE place to take pictures cuz we couldn't get a gallery space at MCAD, but I thought I'd let you see what I'm cooking up in the wood shop!
Oh; and I got the Trustee scholarship to CVA, which is the most prestigious scholarship from CVA--- but it's only 6 grand, plus my academic scholarship makes 8 grand. I'm planning to go to MCAD, though... But I kinda feel bad about not taking the CVA scholarship D=
I'll have some info about stuff I didn't make coming out soon!
Thanks for reading!
I'm only half paying attention while I'm writing this, so forgive my poor writing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Resurrection!

Amazing story! Miss Meghan Raebel, Sarah Wente, and myself went out for a day of picture taking a couple summers ago just for fun. I took the pictures on Wente's camera (since they were primarily for her internet adventures), and after she took them home and put a few on her computer, she lost the disc she had saved them on and they were never to be seen again. OR WERE THEY?!
This week, the discs were resurrected--- so I finally got these photos back! =D
They're old, but it's fun to bring back old photos, so take a look! And comment, if you so wish! =]
Unrelated: check out the new! I have a couple crappy photos of the team up on there, but that's not why you should look at it. Just DO IT, okay??

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Looks like I'm going to MCAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The decision as to what college I'll be attending full-time has been wearing on me. It's been a tough choice--- although MCAD has always been my top school. It's just so darn EXPENSIVE.
But it looks like I can safely say that I'll be at MCAD this fall! I got the Visual Scholarship, which equals a total of $40,000.
[I feel really arrogant saying this, but here goes:] It's difficult to get a merit scholarship at MCAD. I hear people joke all the time that the merit competition doesn't really exist because apparently no one ever wins it. I can't believe that I actually got a scholarship. My mind is blown.
Well. I feel like a braggart and a douche right now. BUT I'M SO EXCITED. =]