Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear President BLANK

A little pre-election assignment from MCAD's first school-wide show! Each student created a piece with a message for the future president. I, being me, chose to promote human rights and demand action against detainment and torture. My piece consists of eleven of the infamous images from Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, each edited to be a cohesive style and cropped to 3x3". For about a month, I left them around my house to be used as cup coasters so they would look dirty and ignored. I wanted to convey the idea that this is something in our country (or our kitchen) that is just looked over like it's nothing (like a coaster). I think the overall effect was successful--- as well as the visual aspect of it. After they'd been coaster-ized, I then tore them out and arranged them into a small booklet--- as seen above.
Below are some really crappy scans of all the images in the piece, just so you can see the details, especially in regards to the places where cups were placed on the images.

I did this a couple months ago, but it just came down from the MCAD gallery, so I haven't been able to post it before now. Check it out and tell me what you think!


Steven said...

I like the idea of using them as coasters to show that they're out there, but completely overlooked. Yay for hanging in the first school-wide show's gallery!

tehya said...

I like you, Alex. I do. A lot.