Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making the Invisible Visible

So I've done a couple things this week that I thought I might share with the world. None of them are things I've made--- although I believe I'll be posting another blog tomorrow showing what I've been doing as of late.
First of all, me and David went to see the new Kaufman film, Synecdoche, New York on Wednesday. David was a hater, as usual, and didn't like it. I, actually, thought it was a really good film--- overall. There were parts of it that were just trying way too hard to be weird. And I HATE IT when people try too hard to be weird. It's so much more interesting when people don't realize what they're doing is ridiculous. Also, I think the ending went on too long. There were elements of the end that I really liked, but it was long-winded and probably would've been better for the message of the script if it had ended at an earlier point.
Overall, I think it was a well-developed film and a pretty good script. Also, I like movies a lot in general and felt like rambling about one.

Next up: I went to a lecture with my drawing class today. Michael Rakowitz was the speaker. Below is an example of one of his projects, Parasite.

Parasite was a project developed to combat the war against the homeless. Long story short, Rakowitz built small tents out of bags that would connect to hot air vents to keep the dweller warm. Rakowitz even met up with the homeless people and let them tell him exactly what he or she wanted in the design of his or her home. He did this project both in California and in New York during Giuliani's war on the homeless. His story was fabulous; it makes me happy to see that there are successful people like him out there who are really doing something useful. He told us about two other big projects he's worked on, and the other two were also incredible--- but this one hit me hardest. Probably because the other two had to do with his Iraqi heritage, which I can't exactly relate to xD

SO. Ramble-y. Well, I'll be posting something tomorrow too, I think; an old project that I just retrieved from the MCAD gallery today. Too lazy to document it right now xD

Also, I'm excited, so I'd like to point out that I MIGHT be getting some incredible opportunities coming up in the next couple months and in the summer--- but I don't really wanna talk too much about it in case something goes wrong and it doesn't happen. But I'm stoked and I really hope it all works out *crosses fingers*

So.... nothing too interesting today. Hope you all read it and enjoyed it anyway! ;P


EAT IT said...

I couldn't decide who I wanted to roleplay as tonight, Ted Danson or Danny Devito, so I settled on being Kaitlin.

I like the homeless project, I actually want to sleep in one. Although I imagine that being homeless automatically raises one's chances of being peed on, and I don't want that at all.

Second off, all your opportunities and talents make me wonder what I am destined for. I DON'T LIKE THINKING THOUGHTS. IT'S CHALLENGING.

-Ted Danson/Danny Devito/Kaitlin

Alex Fritz said...

Ugh. But Kaitlin is so lame in comparison!

It was really interesting; Rakowitz was saying that he originally planned on making the tents opaque, so the homeless people could have privacy--- but the people in California wanted it to be transparent so they could see oncoming attackers. CLEVER.