Sunday, February 22, 2009

I seem to be off my game lately.....

I have a new charcoal here. It's a still life of Petey the Styrofoam Head, which is, as the name would imply, a styrofoam head. The first image is the entire drawing--- the second a detail. I hate the drawing. It kind of embarasses me, to be honest. But you know what? That happens sometimes and I have to learn to accept it.
The drawing is hugely abstracted. It's not based entirely on accuracy--- really based on planes of light. I also used a different kind of paper and a different side than I usual do to give it a grainy effect that you can see in the second image. So this was experimental for me more than anything.
On a different note, I'd like to take a moment to briefly mention a couple things that I saw this week. One: I went to the Museum of Russian Art on Wednesday for the first time ever. The current exhibit is entirely realistic oil painting (some with roots in impressionism). I actually really enjoyed the museum and I would highly recommend it. It gave me a new appreciation for realism, oil, and Russia.
Second, I saw a lecture on Friday featuring the filmmaker Pat O'Neill. His experimental fine art films are intriguing and worth looking up, but the lecture was a little brutal. He kind of drones on a bit, but that could be because he made his first video in 1963--- therefore, OLD. But hey; that doesn't make his videos any less good. In fact, I think it makes him more experienced and that makes him more credible. Side note: he works in traditional film, not digital, which also adds interest.
Ugh. Too many words. Comment!


Jenna said...

as I've already said, I like the drawing. I didn't realize that you used a different type of paper. That's really interesting.

Alex Fritz said...

Yessir--- I used a watercolor paper, which I've tried before, but I also used a different side, which is a side normally used for printmaking. I wanted to see what difference it would make to use those different elements.