Thursday, February 12, 2009

Horrible, terrible, no good very bad day.

The weather was absolutely terrible on Tuesday. Horrible. There was nothing pretty or attractive about it, and just walking outside to the car was a challenge. So I decided to go for a walk because that was obviously an awesome idea xD
Well, I brought my camera with me, even though everything was ugly and gross. Usually, I can see the beauty in things, but it was just in such a bad mood that I couldn't... it was a bit cathartic to go for that walk though, I suppose. As Jenna knows, I slid down a pile of mud. It was gross. And kinda fun =P
These photos are the product of that terrible walk. They're nothing special, but I post virtually anything I have. Comments?
I should have another post up later today, actually... Or maybe tomorrow depending on my mood. I'm finishing up a sculpture I've been working on FOREVER, and it's ruining my life and putting me in a terrible mood because it's terrible and ugly and terrible and terrible and I hate it because it's terrible. Mhmm.
So you'll get to enjoy that later =D


Jenna said...

Agree with the ugliness of that day. SO UGLY. But I like the black and white photo a lot. It's cool lookin'.

Katie said...

i like the last one, and the black and white is my second favorite. i like ugly days, but that's just me :D

Chuckles said...

the B&W is actually really cool, i like it too much (darn you alex fritz)

Meghan said...

I actually love days like that.

I know... its dreary, but still. Almost every day is sunny. I like dreary.