Sunday, March 1, 2009

Looks like I'm going to MCAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The decision as to what college I'll be attending full-time has been wearing on me. It's been a tough choice--- although MCAD has always been my top school. It's just so darn EXPENSIVE.
But it looks like I can safely say that I'll be at MCAD this fall! I got the Visual Scholarship, which equals a total of $40,000.
[I feel really arrogant saying this, but here goes:] It's difficult to get a merit scholarship at MCAD. I hear people joke all the time that the merit competition doesn't really exist because apparently no one ever wins it. I can't believe that I actually got a scholarship. My mind is blown.
Well. I feel like a braggart and a douche right now. BUT I'M SO EXCITED. =]


Chuckles said...


Cograts on MCAD Alex, and also on you scholarship.

what were the requirements for the scholarship? (just curiosity)

Jenna said...

I believe that you got a scholarship, and are in need of congratulations.
I found this out on my own, and this blog did not tell me.


James: I think it was a combo of her portfolio interview and other various admissions thingies, and just her being awesome and networky.

Alex Fritz said...

Haha well thank you for explaining my scholarship to James, Jenna! xD Hahahahaha

Anyway. The REAL story behind the scholarship is this: everyone who is admitted to the college is considered for the merit competition, so I was basically up against everyone who applied.

I think everything is considered when they look at your application, but it's mainly based on portfolio.

Chuckles said...

Well, WOOHOO for that then (that's alot bigger then what I was thinking, so congrats)

Katie said...

alex i'm so happy for you! seriously, that's incredible