Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Because.

This is gonna be kind of a boring blog, but that's alright. I just felt like sharing some info about a few artists I like... I was inspired to talk about them because I checked out some books/interviews with them for fun yesterday, cuz I was bored. So now you get to hear some more stuff about stuff I like.
First of all, this first image is of a Scottish artist you may be familiar with; Jim Lambie. I believe he's most well-known for Psychedelic Soul Stick, which I'm sure you'll recognize if you google it. The piece above is an installation called "Mental Oyster", which I think is really neat. Obviously, this fills the entire room and is really overpowering. I'd love to see this live.... Or any of his installations, for that matter.
The next artist I wanna talk about is Elliott Hundley, who is an American artist. Not quite as well known as the other two I'm talking about today... But I absolutely love his work. I'd highly reccomend a quick google image search of his work. His work often combines both sculpture and painting, like the one above.

And now for something completely different: Cai Guo-Qiang. The piece above is a panel piece made out of gunpowder. This guy blows stuff up to make his art! How awesome is that?! I was watching an episode of Art 21 about him yesterday, and for the first time I got to see him in the process of making his art. And things wuz gettin' blowed up. And that made me like him more. He does A LOT of other types of work too, but his gunpowder will always be my favorite. It's a really cool episode... I can rent it out for free at the MCAD library if anyone ever wants to watch it with me =D hahaha
Like I said, boring. I didn't really say much of anything. But hey; I'd like to know what you think of some of these artists. Sometimes I like talking about artists who are infinitely better than me =D

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Meghan said...

Ohholymoley. I really like that last dude.

Its so... pretty.