Saturday, February 14, 2009

Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

Checked out the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program [MAEP] at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts [MIA] yesterday. [haha I had those written out as abbreviations and then changed them because I realized that maybe not everyone knows the abbreviations xP]
Back to the MAEP. I hadn't had the opportunity to see that particular show yet. If you're not familiar with the show, it's a competitive exhibition that chooses nine artists each year to create an exhibit at the MIA. Anyone can apply, but it's hard to get in, so the work is always top-notch.
The show is marvelous. To me, the interconnecting theme between the four artists is their attention to detail. I can't/don't want to fully explain the work, but I highly recommend the exhibit. It's probably one of the best exhibits I've seen in awhile.
So I recommend you take a look--- or maybe YOU AND I could go check it out TOGETHER? It's not a huge show, but I'd love to see it again, personally =P
The schedule for the show is as follows:
  • January 30-March 16: Nicholas Conbere, Michelle Johnson, Jack Pavlik, and Sonja Petereson
  • April 3-May 31: Sara Belleau and Nancy Robinson
  • June 19-August 9: Cheryle Melander and Don Myhre
  • August 28-October 25: Roxanne Jackson

The solo exhibitionist--- Roxanne Jackson--- is actually my 3D teacher, and Don Myhre is MCAD's head woodshop superviser guy. So that's pretty neat.

I posted a lot of stuff in this past week--- please take a look at some of my other blogs, where I actually posted my own work! Comments make me happy! =D


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