Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comoedia, Tragoedia

Oh. Wow. These did not translate well photographically at all. The detail shot is actually better than the overall shot!
Well it's about time I got something new posted!! Check 'em out, leave comments, whatever! And I promise it looks a million times better in real life xD
On a more personal note, I still have a lot of cool things going on as of late. I got my acceptance letter from CVA and they're offering me a $2,000 annual academic scholarship, which is neat. But I'm more excited to see what happens once I'm done with the merit scholarships =]
Haven't gotten my other acceptance letters yet.....
And there's other stuff that I don't wish to talk about via blog. If you wanna know... Let's have a conversation so I can brag about myself! =D YIPPEE HOORAY!
Thanks for reading!

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