Monday, January 5, 2009

Working on my portfolio

I have nothing too intensely interesting to say here, nor do I have enough room to post my entire portfolio in blog form, but I would like help/opinions....
If anyone knows my work and wants to point out something that should be in my portfolio [I'm relatively done choosing everything to put in it], please leave me a comment to let me know!!
That, and if anyone wants to take a look at the digital version of what I've compiled for my portfolio and give an overall opinion, I would appreciate that, too!


Katie said...

i don't know how helpful i'd be, but i love seeing your work!

Ted Danson said...

I would personally like to see your abstract take on the award winning film Snow Dogs, but a work as powerful as that may overwhelm the viewer.

Chuckles said...

work, work, work... that is my opinion on the subject :D.

anyways, WIN ALEX!