Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Old Photos!

In a rare chance encounter with an old memory card earlier today, I discovered a bunch of pictures I took on a walk with David back in spring 2008. I uploaded them to my computer and edited a bunch--- it was kinda fun going back and seeing all these photos I took so long ago! Everything was so alive and vibrant and happy that day... It reassures me that the winter will pass and everything will feel alive again =]
Comments would be interesting... Fire away!


Alex Fritz said...

Oh---- and it would also be cool to hear if any of these could be good enough for my portfolio... I'm still able to add a few things if I want to, although I'm not necessarily considering that option...

Tell me if you think that, by chance, any of these should be included!

Katie said...

man...i don't think i'd be a good judge of portfolio things

but it interesting that you pointed out the vibrance because that was the first thing i was going to say. i like them a lot, but i don't know if it's portfolio worthy because i don't know much about portfolios!

Alex Fritz said...

Haha well, for Katie and the rest of you who question portfolio-ness, the definitio of a portfolio is simply this; a collection of 12-20 pieces of work that are considered some of my "best" or more importantly REPRESENTS my work on a whole.

I think I narrowed my portfolio down to 15 pieces, so I have room for more, although I be no means NEED more at all!!

Jenna said...

the first photo is fantastic and worthy of portfolio status, and while I like the others, they're not as strong.

Steven said...

I agree with Jenna, though I did like the contrast in the last picture. Clear boundaries of color, but not in a straight line.
Although, I'm not really an expect on portfolio-worthiness either.