Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Weekend: Conventional Behaviour!

Images [From Top to Bottom]:
  • Image #1: Meghan Raebel as Luna.
  • Image #2: Steve Breuer and Meghan Raebel take their final bow.
  • Image #3: Kyle Groves as Ray Gunn and Jackie Rupp as Slave Girl get playful!
  • Image #4: Final bow [from left to right]--- Steve Breuer, Jackie Rupp, Alex Burt, Kyle Groves, and Meghan Raebel. [Not pictured: Ashlee Borlaug, who was home sick]
Tomorrow [Thursday, January 15th] marks the opening night of our one-act play, Conventional Behaviour by G.L. Horton!
If these images aren't enough to make you wanna come to our show, picture Ms. Jackie Rupp in a leopard-print slave costume and Kyle Groves in a skin-tight red jumpsuit. Unfortunately, I made the stupid decision of not choosing to put any images of them in those costumes in this blog ]= I guess you'll just have to come and see their costumes for yourself!! SUSPENSE. For real, though; come see our show. We worked hard on it, and it is pretty darn funny.
And don't forget the other two one-acts we'll be showing! Volpone and The Rules of Comedy will make you laugh, too; just not as much as Conventional Behaviour will ;]
Fun fact: I wasn't planning on tagging this post as "photography", but that first image of Meghan is so beautiful I just had to take credit for it as a photo =]
I'm also sending a shout-out to my co-director, Jenna Geris! WE DID IT, JENNA. WE DID IT.
Showtimes are this Thursday through Saturday, starting at 7:30 pm at the Prior Lake High School Auditorium.


Steven said...

Looking at it at such a small scale, and a minor distance from my monitor, it looked as though the first image was a painting. I like it a lot.
And yes, I heartily second your endorsement of all the one acts. If you haven't been paying attention to the Conventional Behaviour posts, a reminder that you also get to see me as Darth Vader! 0.o

Meghan said...

Holy crap. That first photo is SUPER COOL.

I am totally amazing.

Katie said...

no offense to meghan, but i had no idea that photo was even her. BEAUTIFUL

and marissa and i are going friday i believe if i dont' have to go car shopping

Jenna said...

OH GOD. I love that Kyle has the Love Pistol in his MOUTH during curtain call...does he always do that?!