Friday, October 3, 2008

"The Whole Kitchen Sink"

So first off, I have this new drawing I did in my Foundation Drawing class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The assignment was simply to draw our kitchen sink filled with dishes (using pencil), so it's not the most riveting subject, nor is my technical skill too outstanding, but I got a REALLY good grade on this, so I'm proud of myself, cuz I'm a four-year-old kid who gets excited easily :)
And I'm sorry about the low quality of the picture documentation; I just took a quick photo of it and didn't pay too much attention to lighting and graininess, et cetera. This isn't going in my portfolio or anything, so it's not too important.... I promise it looks better than this in real life, though! Haha!
Not an exciting piece, I know; but I have more coming! I'm currently working on a couple of charcoal drawings that I'm really stoked on, so those will be up soon, when they're ready! I look forward to posting them! =D

This second image, obviously, is not a work of mine. Yesterday, I saw a lecture from a furnituremaker named Jack Larimore. He works in wood and makes really organic pieces--- it's not my style, but it was so interesting to hear his perception of art and his thinking process were intriguing to me. He talked a lot about his inspiration from nature, and how he gets most of his inspiration from looking at the material rather than drafting, although he doesn't limit himself to any certain approach toward creation. I also liked what he had to say about furniture as a medium; he said he prefers furniture rather than sculpture because it interacts in an individuals life and really impacts life in general. He also discussed art as the process rather than the product (a crucial debate in the art world) and made some very interesting points.

You can check out his portfolio here:

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