Monday, October 13, 2008

The Infamous "Text" Assignment


Those of you from PLHS are probably familiar with the text assignments in Graphic Design class. Obviously, these are not the most professional of designs--- but they sure are fun :)
I'd like to begin by discussing the bottom two designs. We had to choose one letter for each graphic and, using that letter, create two graphics; one that communicated tension and one that communicated tranquility. I must admit, I'm particularly unhappy with the tension one--- but meh. Why not post it and be a sillyface?
We were allowed a little more freedom on the top one. We were each assigned a letter and then we were free to do pretty much whatever we wanted with it--- so long as we only used text. I was assigned the letter "T", if you couldn't tell. :)
So...... Yep. That's about all I have to say about that.
Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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Steven said...

Questions, comments, concerns, anxieties, frustrations, etc? (I never actually had Brown as a teacher, just remember that from pep fests.)
Well, yours sure turned out better than my letter pictures did. I think I used a cursive-y f, and tried to tilt, cover, and skew it so it didn't look so much like a letter...