Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Art Sesh!

Title and first picture courtesy of my brother, Nick, who saw it fit to take pictures of me while I was working on a drawing x]

And yes, it is my birthday.

Anyway, the original purpose of this post was to put up some more senior pictures (surprise, surprise)! The latest batch is a combination of Miss Jenna Geris and Miss Meghan Raebel. I was going to put up more pictures of Jenna, but blogspot said "NO!" and did not allow me to put any more.

So I may or may not have more photos of Jenn on the way!



stillimage said...

Happy birthday beaaaaauetttttieieiefuuuuull.

We should go clicking some day before the snow comes. Although I would like to do more clicking in winter months.

tehya said...

I actually saw Meghan's on her facebook and I thought you'd taken them! I love them as well, they're wonderfullll.

If I were graduating, you'd do mine too.
Actually, you could do mine just for the hell of it.


Ben Dodds said...

fun stuff Alex! Great to see your work...Now you just gotta tell your mom and dad to buy you a 50mm 1.4 and start shootin' manual. That lens is bbbuuuuutttttttaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Is that shot of your cousin in downtown Mpls, just off of Washington? I've seen that building somewhere


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