Sunday, October 26, 2008

Evening, Quentin.

The assignment in drawing class this week was to create a scene for a film with one dramatic light source and draw it using five shades of white to black. You'd think this would be right up my ally, being an aspiring filmmaker and all, but no. Of course I can't take it seriously. So I decide I want to draw something that looks like it would be in a crappy John Travolta action movie :)
And so, this was born. xP
I quite like it.
Like all my drawings, it is an 18x24 in real life. So it's big. Yup.
Do you like it?
Do you hate it?


Anonymous said...

I don't think John Travolta would appreciate you calling his films, 'crappy.' He is a man of honor, dignity, and above all, pure acting genius.

-Ted Danson

Steven said...

I quite like it. I didn't think Travolta, I thought of those detective stories where they always refer to themselves as "gumshoes" or "private eyes/I's"(?)

tehya said...

I dig you and your drawings. I was at the MIA last Thursday, and I was going to call you but I forgot my phone in stupid Eau Claire. Sadface.

Alex Fritz said...

Hey Steven:

I kinda thought detective story, also. But I thought John Travolta would be funnier. :)

So how's about a detective movie starring John Travolta?? Huh???? HUH????

Steven said...

Yeah...John Travolta as a hip, 40's gumshoe in Brooklyn. There we go.

Nance Rocks said...

Wow! L-o-v-e it! :-)