Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day at the Park............

From a senior picture session with the James. Yep. That's right. THE James. =]
I'm only posting two.... I was going to do three, but then I got lazy and I have to start getting ready to go to rehearsal pretty soon! Haha!
Anyways, James will be editing his own photos, these are just a couple I did for my own amusement =]
After our li'l senior sesh, I made a crappy stop motion with Jenna and Jenny, which I'll probably post when I finish--- it's pretty low on my priority list, however, what with school and everything taking main priority, so it may be awhile!
In short, I spent a lot of time taking pictures at parks that day. And preying on small children who were at the parks while we were trying to take pictures.
UGH why are there all these little kids at the park?? Shouldn't they be playing at home playing video games?!
Thank you for reading!


Steven said...

I agree. We need to do something about this rising trend of healthy activity.

Amazing pictures, as always.

tehya said...

Oh the children, they shall be your downfall in the end.