Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I Dig.

So here I am, sitting at home, waiting to go to theatre. I started working on painting a multimedia piece I'm working on. It's really not too spectacular: mostly just kind of playing around. I don't know whether I'm done yet. I was going to do more to it, but I'm really liking how it looks now, as there is already a lot going on. I'm not so sure how I'd feel about it if I did too much more. Ah well. I'll sleep on it. I'll post a picture of it when I'm done.
Also, I wrote the first draft of my "Personal Statement of Interest" essay for college applications! Yay, responsibility!
Anyway, I have rehearsal in an hour, and now I have nothing to do. So I thought it'd be kind of fun to just talk about my influences.
So, some of my favorites are (but not necessarily limited to)
Wes Anderson
Not only are his films my favorites, but he is really really really ridiculously good-looking. Ladies; google image search him.
(Image from The Life Aquatic)
Francis Picabia
Because his imagination is so vivid and detailed.

Hubert Selby, Jr.
One of the best avant-garde writers we will ever know.

Alberto Giacometti
For his unique aesthetic and personal style.

Bret Easton Ellis
For when I want to have a little fun =]

His satires are HILARIOUS. American Psycho is brilliant. And Glamorama is basically the novel form of Zoolander.

So.... yeah. I love these men for their innovation. Don't misinterpret me; I don't want to be anything like them. I want to be as innovative as they are someday; but I want to create my own styles that is unlike theirs or anybody elses.

....And for those of you who don't know, I want to be a filmmaker when I grow up. And I WILL be interning with Wes Anderson someday =]

That is all.


Steven said...

Good luck, both on the applications and internship!

Anonymous said...


-Ted Danson