Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing of too much interest.

I haven't had anything to post in awhile because I've been pretty busy as of late. Sorry! But I'm currently working on a pretty big multimedia project, which is already turning out to be better than expected due to an incredible deal I got a 48x24" canvas last night. I was planning on doing this on a different shape, but this is turning out INCREDIBLY better. I'm excited to continue working on this and eventually post it/show it in various places.....
Also, today is mine and David's 2 year anniversary =D Which is completely irrelevant to this blog's purpose, but I'm excited =] =] =]
Finally, I have a link to a really neat online collection I've been wanting to share but keep forgetting to:
Go check it out!
Thanks for reading!
Even though this was pretty pointless.....

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Steven said...

Can't wait to see the multimedia project. Congrats on the canvas, and your anniversary (Awww). And thanks for the link to the collection, a lot of unique things to look at, emphasis on "a lot" and "unique".
You're welcome!