Friday, March 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

It's amazing how many new friends you make when you build a large sculpture.
The first image is, of course, me sitting on the sculpture, so you get a feel for the size. It's a 3x3' cube--- not including the black indent, of course. It's not "done" yet--- I'm going to put another layer or two of paint. Plus, it's in a HORRIBLE place to take pictures cuz we couldn't get a gallery space at MCAD, but I thought I'd let you see what I'm cooking up in the wood shop!
Oh; and I got the Trustee scholarship to CVA, which is the most prestigious scholarship from CVA--- but it's only 6 grand, plus my academic scholarship makes 8 grand. I'm planning to go to MCAD, though... But I kinda feel bad about not taking the CVA scholarship D=
I'll have some info about stuff I didn't make coming out soon!
Thanks for reading!
I'm only half paying attention while I'm writing this, so forgive my poor writing!


Steven said...

I think if I ever sculpted anything, it would have to be large, so it would be easy to catch and fix my mistakes. I'm very impressed by the smoothness of the curve, mostly because I had such failure with roundness in 8th grade IT.

Chuckles said...

I really do like the piece, it looks cool, and it's very crisp and sharp. I kinda want a chair that looks like that, but more like a throne (for i am the king of the whole damn universe :D)

Jenna said...

I love it. It looks really good, and I know it'll look way better once you're done. I'm impressed with your shop skillz. I had no idea you were so MANLY and CRAFTSMANLIKE.