Monday, May 4, 2009

May 1st-May 3rd

I had a busy weekend. Why not blog about it?
  • Friday: Had class. Went to the Midway and checked out the two shows there. They were fairly "meh", to put it in the most eloquent language. Nothing too extraordinary, personally. The Midway library is a fun time, though, and I did spend a lot of time browsing through the books.
  • Saturday: In the afternoon, I went to the Weisman with David to check out all the shows there. Both the "Looking into Likeness" and the "Changing Identity" exhibits had some really great pieces in them. Again, though, not the most incredible I've ever seen. Maybe I was just feelng picky this weekend? Anyway, later in the evening we headed over to the arboretum--- like we always do, I know--- and saw the two small exhibits they have up there; the bonsai tree exhibit and the wood sculpture exhibit. There's not a lot there, but it was truly beautiful work.
  • Sunday: Heart of the Beast May Day Parade 09. This was actually my first time to see the parade--- and the parade filled my every expectation and then some! The image above was my favorite part of the parade. People on stilts, inside giant papier mache pigs that had puppet eyes and tongues. They were incredible. Everything was incredible.

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