Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lazy blog.

Okay, just a few cool events that have taken place these past few days:
  • Thursday: Went to the WACTAC-sponsored Ty Evans lecture at the Walker with my brother. Ty Evans is a skateboard filmer, hence taking my brother! It was actually a surprisingly fun lecture--- I didn't expect to be too interested, since skateboard filming isn't my cup of tea, but it was great! I know Evan's work better than any other filmer's due to Fully Flared, so it was fun to hear him.
  • Saturday: Went to the House on the Rock. It was incredible. If you don't know what it is, peep this: http://www.thehouseontherock.com/ I feel no need to post any of my photos of it... Mostly because I didn't really take any good ones!! xP
  • Sunday: Soundset. Irrelevant to my blog, but it was fun. Haha. Minnesota pride!!!!!
  • Today [Tuesday]: Attended a TV shoot for a commercial through Periscope. It was so incredibly interesting and I met so many new people! Yay, networking! I'm not really supposed to talk about it, though, due to confidentiality reasons, so I won't say much more than that. In conclusion; it was awesome to observe and be a small part of film, and a lot of new opportunities are popping up everywhere!!

Thank you!

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