Thursday, September 24, 2009


[NOTE: Full pixels are really huge because these are ready to print]
Another big 2D project. This is my favorite class this semester because we do the most work in it.
I probably shoulda/coulda/woulda spent more time on this, but I wanted to plow through and get a lot done today, so here it is. Step 1 of the assignment was to gather photos on a certain theme from a short list of potential objects given to us (I chose toys which I developed more specifically into Barbies). Step 2 was to trace the objects and scan the 3 best tracings into the computer. Step 4 was to trace those tracings in Illustrator.
Then, the final step was to create 4 images using those tracings based on four words given to us in class, which went thus:
Image 1: Tension
Image 2: Isolation
Image 3: Force
Image 4: Distraction

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