Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Weekend in its Various Forms

First off, here's a couple images of two things I made on Friday.
The second image is a collage/multimedia painting.
Image one is an interesting thing to me that I decided to post even though I normally wouldn't. The thing about this drawing is that I was just practicing drawing and painting in the pop surrealist style for several hours on Friday night, but this particular doodle/sketch somehow ended up getting a lot of attention, and I think for something that started out as a practice doodle, it actually turned out pretty good. So... here it is. Drawn using oil pastels.

Also, this weekend was/is ultimate arts weekend in Minneapolis, with festivals including Fringe, Loring, Uptown, Powderhorn, et cetera. So yeah. There was a lot of stuff to do this past weekend. OH and new exhibitions at various museums, interactive galleries, et cetera.

Too many words.

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