Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whoaaaa. That's some fancy modeling there.

Yeeeah. I tried my best to look decent in these pictures xD
Haha. So. The shirt and cardigan in the above images were "Upcycled" by me, at the Walker's recent Remake, Revamp workshop, which I attended with Miss Meghan.
Basically, we took old clothes and made them better.
And it was a good time.
The end!


Meghan said...

For some reason, people have been calling me Miss Meghan more and more. xD


Jenna said...

You're all class and lotsa sass in these. Very cool clothing. I reeeeally wish I could have gone.

Alex Fritz said...

Haha it's cuz Miss Meghan suits you well. And because it sounds better on the internet, in my mind. Hahahahaa.

Jenna... You could have gone... You texted me from the Twins game at like 1:30 and you just went to Katie's that night xD

Steven said...

Well, while I might not wish I could have gone, these are definitely some nice photos. My question is: does Meghan have any pics for us?

Jenna said...

yeah I think we left the twins game and got home around 5. I honestly don't remember what I did that night, but I believe you. SORRY ALEX.

Alex Fritz said...

Meghan actually didn't finish her shirt, but made an armwarmer instead. It was really cute, though, so she should share how cute it is with the world!

And Jenna;
Don't sweat it, I had fun with Meghan. But I know you went to Katie's because you invited me to go to Katie's but I was already going to the Upcycling xD