Monday, April 6, 2009


Three different views of one painting. Summary of materials: Actylic on newsprint (intentionally crumpled), plus hemp.
The three views:
  • View one: close-up (painting only)
  • View two: installation view (whole piece)
  • View three: somewhere in between view one and view two =]

This piece was a little more cathartic and self-theraputic, just painting to paint. So don't try to pick it apart.

If you feel the need to see a detail, I can give you that... I thought that the images here did a decent job of showing how it was painted.

Side note: I'm working on another big sculpture right now, and I may or may not have pictures of that posted around Friday. That, or I'll post it next Friday. So be ready for that!


1 comment:

Chuckles said...

this says to me: WATERY SQUIGGLES!!

I can't wait for your sculpture :D